90 to 500 ton Injection Molding for Short and Long Run Jobs

Injection Molding

R & D Engineering currently has 12 late model TOYO injection molding presses ranging in size from 90 ton thru 500 ton. These computer controlled machines offer reliability and repeatability so we can consistently supply high quality plastic parts.

Injection Molding Equipment List
3-1996 TOYO 90 Ton 5.5 oz. Injection Molding Presses
2-1996 TOYO 110 Ton 6.1 oz. Injection Molding Presses
1-1996 TOYO 150 Ton 8.8 oz. Injection Molding Press
3-1996 TOYO 200 Ton 13.1, 15.9 oz. Injection Molding Presses
2-1996 TOYO 300 Ton 31 oz. Injection Molding Press
2-1996 TOYO 400 Ton 40.8 oz. Injection Molding Press
1-1996 TOYO 500 Ton 61.5 oz. Injection Molding Press
3-2000 MARK 2 Sprue Pickers 250 EMS
4-2000 MARK 2 ELC2 Robots
All additional support & material handling equipment

Robotic Systems Used for Plastic Injection Molding
As product lifecycles have shortened and the demand for low cost domestic production has increased,
RD has met the challenge with flexible robotic automation that reduces manufacture time, lowers incremental costs, and speeds your product to market.

State-of-the-art Star NPW-1200 Robotic Systems Robotic System

Our fleet of highly automated robots increase output and shorten product cycle time for our customers.
Robotic manufacturing reduces the number of undesirable tasks for our valued team members and provides
you with the ability to produce 24/7 without stop. Plus the improvements in work-flow create efficiencies that
save you money.

If you have a design, an idea, or a prototype for a plastic injection molding production process, contact R & D Engineering and we will help you achieve production success.


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