Concept to Design
At R & D Engineering we work with clients that have complete plans and specifications or just an idea in their head. Our skilled team of engineers will assist you in developing a clear understanding of your requirements and help you make the important decisions that will speed your design to market.


Early involvement in the design process helps speed
your product to market.

Let the professional at R&D help you design your product.


Rapid Prototyping in just a few days.
Whether you are a mechanical engineer wanting to verify the fit of a part or an inventor looking to create a plastic prototype of an invention, stereolithography gives you a fast, easy way to turn CAD drawings into real objects. With Rapid Prototyping SLA you can now hold examples of your designs for early visualization and verification before one dollar is spent on the mold.

If you have an existing design or an idea that requires injection molding to produce, contact us today and R & D Engineering will help you achieve production success.



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